How to Join/FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Forensics Union?  What is it that you do?

The Texas Tech Forensics Union is made up of undergraduate students that compete in speech and debate activities.  Specifically, the Forensics Union competes primarily in Parliamentary Debate (NPDA / NPTE) with some of our students participating in Individual Events competition (AFA-NIET).

You can also read about the history of the program here.

  • Who can join the Forensics Union?

Any undergraduate student in good standing with Texas Tech University is eligible to join the team.  While it helps and is recommended, you don’t need experience in speech and debate to participate.

The Forensics Union follows all Title IX guidelines and does not discriminate against protected classes including gender, sex, sexual identity, race, age, ethnicity, disability, and/or national origin.

  • Where is the Forensics Union located?

We are in the new Media and Communication building (formerly the Business Administration building).  The squadroom is located in MaC 260.  Rob Layne, Director of Forensics, is located next door in MaC 258.

  • When do you meet?

Team members meet as a squad on Monday or Tuesday (depending on schedules for the semester) at 6:00PM in MaC 260.  Coaching sessions with assistant coaches and practice rounds are scheduled when all parties have time to meet.

  • You travel?  Where do you travel to?

To travel to tournaments, you will need to complete coaching sessions with your assigned coach, participate in a requisite number of practice rounds prior to the tournament, and complete assigned research.

The Forensics Union travels across the country including to California, Oregon, Missouri, Washington, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nevada, and Utah.

  • Do I need to pay to travel?

No.  Your travel (as long as you meet requirements for travel) are taken care of by the Forensics Union.  We provide for your entry fees, transportation, lodging, and you receive a per diem for meals.  You’re responsible for your own debating supplies (paper, pens, timers, etc.)

  • This is awesome.  How do I join?

Simply contact the Director of Forensics, Rob Layne ( or stop by MaC 258 during a meeting to meet the team and see what we do in person.

  • Can I get scholarships?

Limited scholarships are available based on a matrix considering experience, participation,  need, service, and academic achievement.  Some scholarships are also provided through the Department of Communication Studies for those that major in Comm Studies.


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